THT Assembly

Within the THT assembly, we offer:

  • threaded elements assembly
  • mechanical elements assembly
  • elements binding
  • optical inspection basing on standard IPC A-610
  • final assembly
  • thermal stabilization

A prompt quality execution of orders is ensured by professional assembly line, consisting of:

  • 14 stations for hand assembly, equipped with soldiering stations Pace, bands for soldiering EPA, magnifying glasses …

  • Soldering automatic machine – ERSA ETS 250

The unit  is designed for professional soldiering of small and medium-sized series of boards in traditional, SMD or combined technology. All versions of the device are suitable for work with “no-clean” materials. A long preheating zone (800mm) ensures a correct process with various thickness of the boards. Microprocessor control  ensures setting individual work parameters.

  • Visual inspection stations, based on Mantis Vision system,

  • Packaging stations.

On Client’s order, we surface-cast the assembled circuits with plastic masses!