SMT Assembly

SMT assembly services have been present in TESTER’s offer  for many years, and thus the technical base as well as the know-how allow for a complex approach to fulfil various orders, either prototypes, short- and long-series - from the design till the delivery to the Client. Within this offer, we can provide you with devices designs basing on microelements.

  • complementation of the components,
  • single and two-sided assembly,
  • combined assembly,
  • lead and lead-free soldiering,
  • with paste and with glue,
  • reflow soldiering,
  • wave soldiering,
  • Testing integrated circuits according to Client’s directives,
  • Packaging and shipment to the Client.

The AMT surface assembly line consists of:

Automatic placement machine ASSEMBLEON OPAL-XII - Pick & Place

Assembleon Opal-XII is characterized with the efficiency of 12000 elements/h.

  • component minimum dimensions: 0.4 x 0,2mm,
  • component maximum dimensions: 45 x 100mm,
  • component maximum height: 11mm,
  • board minimum dimensions: 50 x 50mm,
  • board maximum dimensions: 460 x 440mm,
  • board thickness: 0.4 ÷ 4mm,
  • types of packaging: tape, tray, sticks,
  • accurancy of component assemlby - 35 microns

Furnace for reflow soldering ESSEMTEC RO400FC

Furnace RO400FC is designed for soldiering in lead-free technology. The device has a three-stage preheating zone and the main zone, which are fully programmable, as is the transfer speed of the boards conveyor. The conveyor is for single- and double-sided boards (with max. width of 400 mm).

Template printer from MECHATRONICA

Optical inspection station Mantis Vision

We approach each design individually. In order to make the price evaluation, please contact us.