Electronic automation and control systems

Since the beginning of the Company existence, we are engaged in designing, producing and selling electronic control and automation systems.

Since 1992, we have been the supplier of control circuits for one of the leading Polish manufacturers of central heating gas boilers. For several years, together with the development of technological ideas, and the resulting from it necessity of providing more and more excellent products, the team of designers, programmers and fitters has gained invaluable experience and knowledge, and the technical supporting equipment has undergone the process of broadening and improvement.

In the scope of dedicated production, we make control circuits of T01 and TSTR groups, at the same time working on technological solutions which would meet the future needs of the market.


The T01 is an electronic controller, built-in, designated for cooperation with the electric equipment of low-temperature gas single function and combi boilers, with opened and sealed combustion chamber.

Selected key functions :

  • Controlling the pump and fan operation
  • Controlling the flame condition
  • Controlling the temperature limiters condition
  • Controlling the heating water temperature
  • Controlling the flue draft condition
  • Controlling the heating water flow
  • Modulating the burner output with a PWM controller


The family of TSTR XXXX controllers is designated for controlling the gas single-function and combi boilers with spark ignition and ionisation control of the burner. The microprocessor system applied provides the possibility of setting the preferable temperature both of the heating water and the tap water. It controls the boiler operation and performs the self-diagnostic function. The controller is equipped with a digital display which indicates the actual heating water temperature and signals any possible failures in the appliance operation, which significantly facilitates the use, service and maintenance operations.

Company TESTER is also a producer of:

Room temperature controllers

Application of this controller ensures maintaining the preferable temperature in the room and economic gas consumption. The processor-based system of temperature measurement ensures performance efficiency and great accuracy of the executed temperature settings. 

Motor speed controllers

The electronic controller of single-phase motors speed is designed for maintaining a stable, adjustable speed of single-phase motors, where the motor speed depends on its power supply voltage.

Each project is approached by us individually and in a complex way.

Offering you our technological ideas, experience and the production potential, we foster the hope for a contact from you in order to make an individual evaluation of the project.